UX/UI Design
Consulting and Analysis, Research and Strategy, Proptotype Development, User Testing, User Interface.
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We put user into the process, humanizing digital interactions.
Research / Insights / Branding
Test Case Definition and Execution, Manual Testing & Automated Testing.
APP Development, Desktop Applications Development, Progressive Web App.
Managed Services
Branding, Chatbots & Virtual Assistants, Media & Content Strategy, Analytics.
  • 25+ years of experience working IT industry developing solutions
  • A dedicated and certificated team
  • Offices in Dallas, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo  
  • Agile expertise blending with your implementation of agile
  • Cultural & Time Zone aligment making teamwork seamless
  • Easy Real-Time Communication delivering higher productivity at lower cost


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Kenneth Walters
VP Marketing Program Manager
"I have been working with Tonic3 over the past 3+ years and honestly the interactions have been nothing but great. You and the rest of the Tonic3 team are always willing to help. The answer is never 'No' but rather 'how can we overcome' or 'what can we do to help'. When issues have arisen that required immediate assistance your team was always responsive and able to fix the issue. Thank you for all the support you give and I look forward to the future ahead".
UT Dallas
Cassini Nazir
Director of Design, ArtSciLab, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Arts
"Working with Tonic3 was a great experience. The design team developed an evocative and visually compelling logo that authentically conveys the uniqueness of our program. I enjoyed the thoughtfulness and attention to detail the team put into everything they did. I can't recommend them highly enough!".
Molly Pandya
SVP of Product Management
“One of the most beneficial things about working with Tonic3 over the last few months has been the ability to sit behind the glass and watch a user interact with our platform. We were able to take what we learned, go back to the design team, and address the relevant issues. And ultimately create a much better experience for our users”.
Sweta Hari
Director of Product Management
“It has been a pleasure working with your team and we are really excited about the launch of the iComfort Portal in the first half of the year. The teams have made significant progress in the development stage”.
Open Options
Gary Bell
VP of Development
“We looked at several companies, but Tonic3 stood out. Their comprehensive approach was very impressive. They met with developers, stakeholders, and customers to come up with a strategic plan and executed it as promised. Can't say enough about this company”.
Brian Hood
Director of Digital Marketing
"Tonic3's UX Team is both knowledgeable and flexible. The team worked with me to understand and translate data from user testing to build great solutions both from a usability perspective as well as a fit within the constraints of our CMS and branding guidelines".
Ricardo Outi
Founder & CEO
"The team at Tonic3 listened to our needs for a website that would reflect the neat and premium look & feel that we desired for the type of clients to which AIC Capital is trying to communicate. Contented-wise we wanted something very straight-forward and easy to digest - we wanted to tell a story in a logical and compelling way. We are grateful for the hard work that the team at the Agency put into the website".
Sally Mendiola
Director of Communications
"The Tonic3 team worked closely with us to develop a new digital presence for the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communications at UT Dallas. Their design expertise and outstanding commitment to customer service led to a one-of-a-kind site for our University".
We work for some of the largest companies in the world.
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